About Bart Bridge

All apparel on this site is made by fans, not by the team or league to which they may allude.

This all started one day when I was invited by a friend to go to a game.  We had great seats and I wanted to look good.  So I went on a search to buy some gear for the game and all I could find was unimaginative and expensive apparel, made by some huge corporation overseas.  So I decided to go down to the local thrift store and see what they had.  I found a couple old pieces from the team I was looking for.  I then found a vintage jacket that fit me perfectly.  I took everything home, busted out the seam ripper and the sewing machine, and once I had finished the piece, I was forever changed.  I loved my new jacket for countless reasons and when I wore it to the game, the validation I received in the way of compliments from my friend and other fans was astounding.  My friend told me I was like a celebrity.  I have been making clothing for my favorite teams ever since.


I called the company Bart Bridge because it symbolized the confluence of all that is positive about the experience of being a fan.  I think every person in the Bay Area has walked across that bridge from the Coliseum Bart Station to see a game in Oakland.  That bridge is what connects the people in the community to the team.  I can buy all sorts of goodies from the local street vendors, I save $40 on not parking in the team lot, and the diversity and density of locals who are all cheering for the same cause should engender pride in any and all who have taken the walk across that bridge.

Here at Bart Bridge, we know that different fans have different styles so we are dedicated to promoting local makers who put creative twists on their favorite teams. We have been promoting these local makers since 2010.

By using hyper-local allusions, creative word-play, imaginative illustrations, and repurposed merchandise, we aim to promote apparel for the fans, by the fans. Our hats, t-shirts, pants and jackets make great gifts and are a creative way to support your favorite team and local makers!

Except in the case of repurposed material, such as patches and shirts, none of these products are made by the teams.  These are not licensed products.  

Let me repeat this as clearly as I can: none of these products are themselves licensed by the team or league. We go to great lengths to avoid explicitly using the images and logos of players and teams.  As for items with the team logos, these are made with re-purposed patches.  

With any questions or comments, e-mail support@bartbridge.com