Artist Bios

I'm keeping this group/person anonymous because of the backlash that has been received.
Bandoker makes, well, Bandokers.  They are a mix between a bandana and a choker.  They can be work on the head, around the neck, around the arm, as a handkerchief, pocket square, or even on a dog.
Eddie B

Eddie B creates a cultural stir with the images he makes.  When I wear one of his pieces people constantly stop me to talk about the image.

I met Eddie last month at First Friday and immediately fell in love with his artwork.

He's been working at this for 6 years and makes each of his pieces by hand.

He was first inspired by seeing a pop art exhibit at the De Young Museum.

I can't wait to see what he will make next.

El Santo
El Santo
Lazy Susan
Lazy Susan
Maskot Marry
Mike Hampton
mike's best
My Friend Chris
The Best Handmade Soy Candles In Town.
stash cap
This collection of hats is the best I've seen, and all of the big patch caps have a secret pocket behind the patch.
Taos's Cousin