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About Us

Located in Northern California, we really take pride in the small towns that we call "home" and the road-side gems we've experienced throughout our travels. We wanted to create something that would represent those places, and the memories we shared there. 

Through trial and error, Bart Bridge took on many forms until we fell in love with the embroidery and the images of our hat collection. We became obsessed, and we hit the ground running to find ways to bring representation to some of your favorite places across the globe.

Although the name "Bart Bridge" originated from our early days of selling Sports Fashion on the pedestrian bridge, connecting the BART station to the Oakland Coliseum, we find the name grew to be a perfect fit. Both words in the name ("BART" and "Bridge") combine two of our favorite themes within our brand : Going Places & Connecting People. (For those of you outside of the Bay Area - The BART is our local transportation system). 

With our small crew, you can be sure each item is handled with care from an individual on our team. And when we're not in the workshop shipping orders and sewing hats, we're probably enjoying the local vibes of a small town near you!

We want to truly give thanks to YOU for being a part of this journey with us.

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